Monday, August 27, 2012

Early morning

Early in the morning it is so nice sitting outside sipping my coffee, so peaceful listening to the sounds in the distance:  horses whinny, the roosters crowing, owls calling, watching the sky go from dark with the stars shinning to the first hint of morning to the bright rays of sunshine. I wonder how on this earth could someone see and hear all these wonders and not believe in God? The majesty in the sunrise, in the thunder, in the lightening, in the calm peace of twilight- how can they not believe? Have they never felt the presence of the Lord at the birth of their child or grandchild? At the death of a loved one? What do you suppose they believe it is that they feel in their heart? I guess I am not here to speculate what one feels at such times. I know what I felt when my Tobers, Bubba and Livvy were born. I know what I felt in my heart in the hours and minutes before during and just after Carlos left us and then again in those precious hours and minutes as Ricky left us. I know the loved ones in the room felt it too.
Photo: I've been awake Over an hour, watched Andy this morning. Cute. It was about when Floyd hired the manicurist and no one would let her file their nails 'til Andy hurt her feelings then helped sitting on the porch with my coffee in the crispness of the pre-sunrise listening to Bruno cry because he can't join me, the owl and horses in the distance.... Roosters and now a whip poor will (however you spell that) its so peaceful. And beautiful. Y'all have a great day!
Sunday morning just before sunrise, just before I was gonna get ready for work.
On another note, had physical therapy today. It was the second treatment. I learned some new stretches. My ankle aches some but it doesn't hurt like it did. Jennifer said there is some kind of treatment she can do to actually dissolve the spur! I am excited by that prospect. Now, if only Dr Avula will order it.........

I think this is about it for today. Please remember to pray and please remember your friends and loved ones in your prayers.
“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.” Isaiah 26:3KJV
I love all y'all!
To be continued..............

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