Monday, August 13, 2012

Following up on the CPAP etc

So I had an appointment with Dr Avula this morning. Thought I would never get there! His office is in Smiths Grove, a hop-skip-and a jump right? Well, as soon as I turned onto 743, there was a car going 35mph. Speed limit there is 55 mph. So I had to stay behind him until I got down the knob because of oncoming traffic in the passing lanes. So I go around the big curve at the cut through road and around the next curve in front of the trailer park and guess what. Another car doing 30 mph. I am about half way there and time is OK but if I keep going half the speed I will be late. :(  so I get to the 31W turn and viola! He goes right, I am going left! No further delays and NO TRAIN at Oakland or Smiths Grove and I arrived on time for my appointment! Got good news too. My CPAP card was uploaded to be evaluated. There is a thing called AHI which is Apnea-Hypopnea Index and mine was 0.6! Sleep apnea is staged: AHI of 5-20 mild sleep apnea, 21-50 moderate, above 50 severe. Mine was 55 a year ago. Think I need CPAP?

And I have been very faithful using the CPAP 98+% of the time--only didn't wear once or twice when my nose was so stopped up I couldn't use it--  If you are reading this and have sleep apnea, I beg you to get a sleep study and WEAR YOUR CPAP! Having sleep apnea affects your heart and blood pressure, feet/legs swelling and your general health. Not to mention you could fall asleep driving and hurt yourself or someone else! I told Dr Avula I was addicted to it--can't sleep without it! Everything else was good, gotta have fasting labs repeated. That is nothing new. My cholesterol is borderline at last check and I just need to keep it below the meds needed range! I do have quite a family history of heart disease. I don't want any blockages. I know my heart arteries are good.  I did have one other little problem--my right foot/ankle are killing me. I know I have a heel spur that is old news. It doesn't bother me anymore really, only once in a great while but the past few weeks or so my right heel has hurt so bad, some nights I have cried with it. I asked him about it and Quentin xrayed it. My heel spur has a new friend. A new heel spur has developed on the back of my heel. :( I will go to physical therapy for a bit and take yet another pill for the inflammation. Look up plantar fascitis and it will explain it all.

This is not my xray but these spurs are in the same place as my spurs. The one on the bottom of the foot is in the same place as mine, it is the old one. The one on the back of the heel is close, and it is the new one. Those sharp edges dig into the tissue causing great pain especially first thing in the morning after being off my feet for a few hours.

I guess this is all for today. I go back to Dr Lin in November to see what if anything else is needed. I am beginning to feel better as the days go by now that the extreme heat has subsided. I wasn't sure I could go much longer had it not cooled off some! It was affecting my breathing quite a bit! I was thinking my meds weren't doing much but it's all better, swelling ankles have gone way down too.

Please remember Jean, Donna and Deb in your prayers as Jean battles that dreaded cancer. They are taking care of her, and as she weakens, it will get harder for them.

I love all y'all!
To be continued..........
Psalm 121:1-2 "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth." ~ KJV
I love the Psalms!

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