Sunday, July 25, 2010

I really do not like storms! ♡

This is a picture you may have already seen posted on facebook. It is the storm rolling in from the northwest one day this past week. There was a lot of wind in this storm. I really don't like storms at all. After this initial cloud rolled in with it's gusts around 60mph, it rained about 15 minutes. That is all it did. There was not much in the way of thunder and lightening. I am glad of that, I really am afraid of lightening.

Bandit (wearing the scarf) got a fur-cut the other day. He is so much happier with his short cut. He was so hot all the time. I only hope his coat grows back in heavy enough for the winter when it is time. Difficult to think about cold with it 91 degrees outside!

I got a new cookbook today. Stockholm Untied Baptist Church is celebrating 100 years this year. I grew up next door to that church, was saved there, and so were my kids. I am grateful to them for all the help they have been to me over the years and when I asked for my letter to move my membership to Miller Hill, they were so kind and gracious. If you are reading this and want a cookbook, you can message me on facebook and I will try to hook you up. They are $15.00 each, 3 ring binder type. There are some great recipes in there! If you like, you can purchase one from the Forks Grocery which is in the Stockholm community. You can also purchase a copy at

Creekside Garden and Nursery

I am not sure what the money is for, but I am sure they will put it to good use for updating the church, helping the community or something! Rick always enjoyed going to church there. It is where he told my Mom about his being saved. I had been a member there going on 40 years when I moved my letter. That is a difficult thing to say. Seems like a long time doesn't it!

I will close this post tonight by saying I love you all.

To be continued........

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