Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's night night time!

Today I spent the day at work. I work with some pretty amazing folks. :)

It was a very busy day. Everyone helped each other today, as it should be. Came home and the babies were sleeping. Wasn't long though before October was awake, crying and she'd had a bad dream. She really wanted her mommy. I sang her a little song we made up for Val when she was about the same age ---> "It's night night time doodie doodie, it's night night time doodie, doodie" and repeat. She giggled and said "again!" so it continued. Her mom came back in the room with her some milk. I said hey Mommy sing the night night song. Val sang it. Tobers just giggled. She liked it. She is still awake however! She is also a big girl, not a little girl or baby, just ask her she will tell you!

My brother and his wife were here Thursday and went back to Ohio today. Doug called after lunch to tell me they'd made it home. They left Jacob here for 2 weeks, they will come back for him then. Ohio doesn't start school until last week or so of August. He may be bored though, Edmonson Co. starts tomorrow!

Over the weekend, I became involved in a project for a neighbor, it is easy-- it involves going to a link for Kohl's Department store and voting for Bristow Elem. School to get them in the running for money for their school. Last year their playground was taken for construction of their new school. They move in this week. Very good, but the kids still don't have a playground and if they get enough votes, they can win a lot of money--more than enough to build a new playground for those kids! If you read this, please go to my facebook profile page or wall as some call it and follow the directions on the post and VOTE 5 times for Bristow Elem. School. You can actually vote 15 more times for other things....but max of 5 times for Bristow. So, please if you have not voted go there and vote. It is for children, a very good cause! All children need a good, safe place to play. It is one way they learn to get along in this world. Help please!

I am still having some trouble with sleep or the lack of to be exact. I hope things get lined out soon. I am sure a lot of it has to do with what has happened this year. Some of it has to do with my age too. I am not a spring chicken! Rick used to tease me about my age. I would tell him "no matter how old I get, you are still 11.5 years older" he would smile and still tease me. I miss him. I love you all. Goodnight.

To be continued..................

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