Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just me

Well, I don't have any new pictures again. Today was eventful. October may have eaten something she shouldn't have again. Tractor tire blew out. NEVER ask what else! Good friends Brent and Kim are spending time in the hospital, Brent apparently had a heart attack. Please remember him in your prayers. He is a good man. He was a good friend to Rick (and me and our kids). Kim too! And their kids too, really. The whole family has been so special to us.

I have to work tomorrow. I just wish I could get this sleep thing down. I worry too much. I have a lot to worry about actually! You just don't know the half of it! People I have known just a few years to people I have known all my life have surprised me! That is all I am going to say about that. There are others who are true to what they believe in. I appreciate that! Some are so two-faced it isn't funny. But I should have known that. Been that way for years. You actually know who you are.

I forgive you. How about that. You can not help yourself.

Got some more phone calls the other day for vegetables. I tell them about Rick, they say I know but I thought you might have some. Then they talk for several minutes about why I don't have any vegetables, especially beans and tomatoes. Oh, well. They mean well. I would love to be able to help them. That was Ricks job though. He absolutely loved the garden and this heat would not have stopped him in the least. Unfortunately it would not have stopped me either! The only thing that would have helped me would have been if I had to work! He expected me out there too! And I would go, couldn't take this heat very well though. He could do it, easily. And he would drink coffee of all things! I'd bet the coffee market has noticed a difference. HaHa. Seriously, he would drink coffee all day long.

In one month, Miller Hill will call a new pastor. This saddens me. I know it is time for Brother Steve to go, but I have no idea who we will call. I wish things could be different, I really do. That whole family has meant so much to us for so long. Then you think, oh I won't get close like that with the next one. We will see.

Remember our little church.

Love you all.

To be continued..........

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