Saturday, July 24, 2010

No tears tonight ♡

Greg and Janice have been on vacation. They made it back home safe and sound today. I believe they had fun. She has pictures posted if any of you are her friends on facebook, you can see them.

Going to Nana's every Sunday morning has been a tradition that was started back in 1994 when we moved back up here from Tennessee. She fixes homemade biscuits, gravy, bacon, sausage and eggs. Sometimes we have ham. Sometimes we have taters. There is always jelly and sliced tomatoes. This time of year, the tomatoes are homegrown. Every now and then she will fix cocoa like we used to have when I was a kid. It is all sugar and it is so good. And it is easier to fix than chocolate (gravy). Now, everyone used to come to breakfast. Now, Bruce hardly ever comes. I guess it's OK though. Heather and little Jonas have started coming. Greg and Janice and sometimes Adam, Jeffrey and Ashley and Thomas come. My kids used to never miss, but now that they have grown up, they don't go as often. They may regret that decision some day. I regret not going to my grandparents as often as I could. But, that is water under the bridge now! If you are reading this and still have your grandparents, remember you won't have them forever. They are up in years most likely. They love you and want to spend time with you. You are their offspring. Grandchildren are so special We can spoil them and give them back while they are little. Right now, the sweetest sound is Tober in her baby southern drawl saying "Mammaw". She has a way of saying it and dragging it out a little. It is so very cute. She smiles and it lifts my spirits! Perry can do that too! He smiles if you just look at him. He is such a happy baby. He is pulling up and trying his best to walk. He is only 9 months old! Tober is 21 months old. She will soon be two and he will be one! She is loosing her "baby" looks and looks more like a little girl every day. He still looks like a baby!

We had airpack training at the fire department this morning. It was very informative. Nick did pretty good with his. He picked it up quickly. I am unsure of this certified firefighter goal I had. The firefighter survival class that is required has me pretty much thinking this is not for me. Toe Joe said today but what if it is just me and you at a fire? I said I guess we will have to get backup! I was thinking humm, I guess you'll be in trouble! Seriously, though, it has been just Toe Joe and me at wrecks several times. He takes care of traffic and I attend the hurt if there are any. I do go on some fire runs when I am home sometimes, just in case someone is hurt. So far, that has never happened and hopefully, it never will! We have a good department. We have new turnout gear, relatively new truck, first responder vehicle, brush truck and tanker. And a new building. Rick worked hard to help this department. He was so happy about the new equipment. He was working on his certification, he only lacked 30 hours. His number was retired when he died. There is a plaque in his honor at the department.

I remember back in the day when my cousin became an EMT. I thought she was so cool. We were nurses already, and she really wanted to get that certification. She went for it, got it and worked as both for a while. I don't know what ever happened to that. She may still maintain it. I will have to ask her. We went to nursing school together. She had a little beetle bug, that car would go for a bug. We were both CPR instructors, I became an instructor trainer at one time, and let that go when we moved to Massachusetts.

I am watching K-PAX. I like this movie. I can't remember how it ended, guess I will find out after while. Jeff Bridges and Kevin Spacey do an exceptional job in this movie as do Alfre Woodard and Conchata Ferrell. If you watch Two and a Half Men, you know who Conchata Ferrell is. She is Berta. That show makes me laugh out loud! Rick loved it. Charlie Sheen is a hoot.

Oh, one movie that completely threw me was The Sixth Sense! I won't spoil it here just in case you haven't seen it and want to, but I just did not see that coming! Rick loved that movie. He knew what was happening, but I didn't catch on until the end. Oh well, I am just slow!

Val has started blogging as well, there is a link to her blog on this page, "As I See It" is the name of it.

That is all for tonight. I love you all. If last nights post made anyone cry, I am sorry. I don't mean to do that. I just have very strong feelings.

To be continued...........

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