Monday, July 5, 2010

Is it fate?

So today's post is a bit early, we used to listen to this album every evening after I got home from work when we first married. Rick bought the album for me -- one of the first things he ever bought for me. Can't believe I found it on here. Couldn't remember the name. We loved Willie Nelson's music! I still do actually.

There is so much that has happened over this weekend. A friend (step-cousin if you will) lost a good friend of hers, my cousin lost her business to fire, I do not want to ask what else can happen.

It is times like these that let you know without a doubt that there is someone else in control and we must always be ready. I have a great-aunt in the hospital in Louisville, she has to decide whether or not to go on dialysis, she is my grandmother's sister. When Mammaw was 13 years old, Aunt Norma Lee was born. She is the first of the "second 3 children" Ma and Pa Bird had the other two in the second set are Uncle Andrew who recently passed away after a stroke and Aunt Mary who lives in Munfordville. The first set was Aunt Nellie, Uncle Lennie and Mammaw. Mammaw had to have dialysis, she was on the machine when she had an abdominal aortic aneurysm to rupture, they took her straight to surgery, she made it through the surgery but passed away during the night. She never woke from the surgery. Aunt Norma Lee had an aneurysm and surgery too, as did my dad. Dr. Byrne says that makes it likely that one of my brothers or me could have one as well since they do occur in families. I know it is not me, at least not yet! My aorta is fine. Had a CAT scan looking for a kidney stone last year. Look out Greg, Bruce or Doug! And my Uncle Lelan is in the ICU at the Medical Center after a fall with broken ribs. He is high risk for developing pneumonia. My Uncle Carl is in CRSH a few doors up from where Rick was. He is not well at all. I pray for their comfort and that God will help us all to accept His will. I love you all.

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