Monday, May 27, 2013

More Memories From Long Ago

So in May 1975, I was about to finish as a sophomore in high school- I had decided I would be a mid-term graduate my senior year so I had class each period of the day instead of study hall. I worked hard to get that. I wasn't one of the "cool kids". Instead, I was from across the river. However, my dad was from Brownsville and knew the principal and I was able to do this. Now, back to the memories part- right now I'm watching a rerun of The Walton's. it's the 1975 episode of Mary Ellen wanting to go to nursing school and how much I wanted to go. I will never forget the application process at GSPN. I will never forget when I got the letter telling me I was selected as an alternate. I thought it was over and I wouldn't get in. I was job hunting. I was about to settle for a job at Firestone (a factory near my home which went elsewhere a couple years later) when I got a call- just a few days before the class of 1978 was to begin- someone  had dropped out and their spot became mine! I was in and the rest is history! 

I love The Walton's. I love nursing. I was excited to see this episode. I remember the fear that I wouldn't know what to do or how to do it. But I made it. And now almost 35 years after I graduated GSPN, I am happy at how things turned out. I'm happy about where I've worked, the things I've done, and if I could go all the way back, I'd do it all again. 

I love all y'all! ❤
To be continued.....

These ladies helped me become a nurse.  Miss Gooch, Mrs Adams, Mrs Kronemeyer, Mrs Page and Mrs Forrest. I will never forget them. This photo is not mine, I found it on line. 

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