Wednesday, May 30, 2012


There are 208 days until Christmas, just in case you wondered.......

This is my latest Pinterest type project. We have had some rain and wind, I think it held up well!

This is my Fiesta birthday present. Lunch plates in paprika and marigold and a latte mug in marigold.  Thanks Nana!

These are some of my mugs that are Fiesta. I have  3 styles of mugs and several colors. I also have several Tervis tumblers that are Fiesta brand. They have lids, so I use them as go cups with my coffee in the mornings then for coke all day long at work. They are great, low risk of spill if it gets turned over and they don't sweat and they match most of my colors of Fiesta!
These are most of my dishes, I have several of the colors. I love all of them, but I think the scarlet is my favorite. I am still getting a place setting of the marigold for my birthday. I have been collecting Fiesta dishes since the early 1990's. I had to start over in 1998 when we lost everything when our home burned. The rose is no longer available, but they now have a flamingo that is a brighter pink than the one I have. It is my next color to collect. I have searched ebay for an orange replacement plate, one of my first colors to collect (second time around). It is no longer in production, I have faith I will find it. I also have a set of baking and mixing bowls in the scarlet as well as salt and pepper and sugar creamer sets. I love how Fiesta holds up. As long as I have had it, I have only lost one piece and it was an orange plate from a set. It was chipped accidentally, I have dropped them and they go in the dishwasher 2 to 3 times a day most days and I have only lost one plate. I think that is pretty good! There are also serving bowls, I have several as well as platters, I have 2 and one pitcher. I will keep adding to the set. Mom has a yellow bowl that her mom got when she was a teenager. It was our Jello bowl when we were growing up. She still has that bowl. Sorry, Jeffrey, it's mine! LOL! 

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