Saturday, June 2, 2012

My friend

It was such a busy day today and I am glad in a way because there was not time to think about what today is. It is another of those "anniversary" days except this is the first anniversary of the death of a dear friend who was so very much like a daughter to me.
Jennifer Rene Grote 2/24/1981 - 6/2/2011. There are so many songs out that remind me of loved ones who have gone on. I still cry when I hear them.
Your gorgeous smile
your eye rolling
your 'shut it'
your blue fingers
your friendship
your beautiful eyes
I miss all these things about you. I miss you.

I will never forget the day we were walking to the car after work and you could not walk and talk at the same time. I asked you when you had another appointment with your Lupus doctor at Vandy. You said in a couple of days. I said please do not leave until you know why you can't walk and talk at the same time.

You did just that. I was at work, it was mid afternoon, the phone rang. It was you and Pam. I could hear in your voice. You knew what the verdict was. I was so afraid of what it would be. And so it was. I called everyone around the nurses station. I explained what we were facing. We stopped what we were doing and had prayer for you. We cried. We loved you so very much. We asked God to help you.
He did.

Over the next few months you became unable to work with us. We still talked to you on the phone and sometimes visited. There would be trying days ahead. Over a few more months more and more time in the hospital left us with a fear that the end would be near and soon there was a close call. Chad's mom called me at work and gave me the news to share. You were in ICU and not doing well. We cried. We prayed. We made plans and we visited you on Monday. Your mother-in-law and sisters-in-law kept watch over you and "guarded" the door. We were all able to see you. You made us behave and not cry in front of you. You rallied. God was not quite ready for you. We prepared. Soon after that you would make your last journey to UK Medical Center where God would take you home. We went to Indiana to say goodbye to you. You looked like you should open those pretty eyes and tell us to 'shut-it'.

At your funeral I gained a new respect for Chad. I loved it when he said 'if I had it to do all over again, knowing what I know now, I would do it all again.' Beautiful. Just like you. And that baby girl is just like her momma. Smile and all.

I love you and I miss you.  Until that day when the trumpet of the Lord shall sound and time shall be no more and we will meet again.
Psalms 145:3 “Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised, and his greatness is unsearchable.” (KJV)
I love all y'all.
To be continued........... 

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