Thursday, April 7, 2011


Last night I wrote in my blog. I went to share it on facebook. It would not let me. It said it was reported as "abusive content" or some such thing. Now, I would like whomever did this to please leave me alone. You should not have done that. There is nothing abusive or offensive in this entire blog. You had no right to do that. This is my blog. I will write whatever I please. It is about my life and every word in it is true. Every word! And if you don't like it, then maybe you need to hit your knees and ask the Man upstairs about it and listen to that still small voice when He speaks to your heart. You owe me an apology! AND I want to be removed from your friends list because I know you can not be my friend or you would not have done that to me. Oh, and I need you to contact facebook and tell them you made a mistake!

I worked today. It was busy. I learned some things today. I am not too old to learn! This is a short post tonight, no pictures.

I love y'all.

To be continued...........

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