Monday, April 25, 2011


Friendship is a wonderful thing. I am blessed that I have many, many folks I call my friend. Today, five of us got in the car and went to Nashville to Vandy in their Medical ICU to visit a sick friend. Jennifer was diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension related to lupus (a connective tissue disorder) around a year ago. She has had the lupus for several years. She has a baby girl who will be four years old in August. We almost lost her when Aubry was born. God saw fit to spare her. We have cherished every day with her since. Almost a year ago, she was so very short of breath. She is just 30 years old. Walking was a chore. We encouraged her to make sure at her dr appointment that week to please not leave until she knew what was wrong. We found out. This pulmonary hypertension is a very serious illness that if it does not respond to treatment can take your life. Jenn's life is at risk. Yesterday, things got much worse, she was very, very ill, and still is though today was more stable. She has responded some to the treatment. She is now being considered for a lung transplant, which is the only thing that can "save her" short of a miracle, which I am looking for. The workup for an organ transplant is a rigorous thing. Lots of tests have to be done and even a mental evaluation usually is done because to receive an organ transplant except in certain circumstances someone (the donor) is brain dead. Then there are blood and tissue matches that have to be certain things. So to be considered for transplants at some places, you have to be strong enough mentally to accept that for you to live someone else has to die. I am not sure if I would be that strong. I have another friend waiting on a kidney transplant. And it is the same situation, there are such things as living donors for kidneys, but most usually those have to be family, and are difficult in other ways. He is waiting for a kidney now, and is on dialysis several times a week. I just don't know how strong I would be. I have guilt feelings over so many things. I think I might have guilt if I needed a transplant and you hope to receive it, but at that same time you remember someone has to die for you to receive. Please pray for peace for all of them involved in both these instances.

I wrote a little thing called Seasons last night. It was mostly just feelings after we received word about Jenn yesterday. I just don't know how to handle this. But then again, I do know. I have faith in the One above. I know He can send comfort, peace, healing. He has many times and will many more. I just ask for once more.....
People come into our lives for only a season. Some seasons are longer than others, and all seasons change. With change comes growth. With change comes purpose. With these seasons we learn love, trust, hope, friendship, and sometimes we learn anger, envy, jealousy and other things that when we put them all together make each of us who we are at any given moment in time. Then the season ends. And we learn loss, grief, a different kind of anger, acceptance, trust and love also remain. Then as soon as one season ends, a new one begins.

A little over a year ago a season changed in my life. I am not far enough away from that to have the strength to have another season change.

I pray to God that He heals the sickness that is trying to overtake my friend. I ask for His will be for her healing. Please join me in that prayer. I know I'm selfish God. I must ask for that anyway! Only You can provide what I ask! I also ask for the comforting touch for her family that only You can provide, for You alone have all power. And I ask for help for those of us who love her, and there are so very many, help with accepting whatever Your will is for her. Comfort, peace, healing God please! In Jesus name I beg.
Proverbs 3:5
Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
I love y'all!!
To be continued...........

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