Thursday, July 11, 2013

There are days

Sometimes a post or a photo or even a simple thought will trigger specific memories. Right now is no different. A female hummingbird stopped by the feeder. Bandit got all excited about a visiting dog. Then there was a Facebook post with what looked like wonderful homegrown maters. I was taken back 4 years and beyond on days just like this.
It was work! And I miss it. And I miss him.  And if he couldn't be cured, I wouldn't wish him back for anything (even if I could). He's not hurting or struggling for every breath for days on end now. And because of his spot in his garden and his testimony that let me know without a shadow of doubt I will see him again one day. 

Didn't mean to upset or depress anyone. Not looking for sympathy. It's just a feeling I hope you never have to know! But I know some will have to know because it is appointed to us to die. It's in the plan. Doesn't make it hurt less!

I love all y'all!❤
To be continued....

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