Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mid way through the first day

It's mid day. I'm about half-way through the my first day trying to comply with changes I need to make. I won't go into details about every little thing. I did stop by the Scottsville Road Farmers Market and buy some good peaches from Dunn-Bowen orchard. They are just right. 
I also bought ambrosia corn and tomatoes from vendors there. I cooked green beans for lunch along with cut off corn and sliced tomatoes. And I stayed in compliance. 

I've had lots of water today and if you know me very well, you know how difficult that is for me. Another difficult thing is because of the mildly elevated blood sugar and Dr imposed diabetic diet, no more real coke. Poo. And, because of my self-imposed aspartame ban no coke zero or diet coke. Diet Rite is nasty in case you didn't know. My mom and dad drink it every day. I've had one glass of it. Didn't like it. It may grow on me. We'll see. The LASIX (water pill for my non medical friends) is keeping me busy and my chest/throat tightness is better today. Yay! Gotta run back to town to pick up my Clonidine (bp pill) since I forgot to pick it up. 

I love all yall❤
To be continued......

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