Monday, July 15, 2013

It's an interesting journey!

This life has so many ups and downs and changes all around. Some days we don't know which end is up and which is down. One thing I do know is if I trust in my Lord and try my best to do His will, I will not have so many issues hounding me. I have not done that so much the past few months. I have let thing bother me that normally I would have let roll off my back. I have had so many changes and sometimes don't really know what to do. Some days I want to sell it all and find a little place where I can just be me. Then I think, I am me right where I am. What I need to do is be happy with what I am doing where I am right now.

With all these health issues and changes, I have started a different blog: Just Me Myra My Journey with Change. It is linked in the blog list to the left of this post if you care to take a look, it is there. In it, I will journal my successes and failures as honestly as possible. If you read it and care to comment, you are most welcome. I prefer constructive criticism, not derogatory comments! Those type will be deleted! Certainly, everyone has their right to their own thoughts, but since these are my blog posts, and you are certainly free to read or not read, negativity will not be left on the page! I have an app on my iPhone which I am using to help me keep up with my carbs, proteins, sodium etc until I get used to it. It also tracks successes for me if I enter them. If you would like to begin a journey of your own, several local folks use this app and one friend recommended it to me and so far I like it better than the app I had found and was using the first few days. It is called My Fitness Pal and it is a free app at the app store or message me on facebook and I can send you an invite.

In years past, July would have been a big month for us. July and August were big producers of corn, potatoes, beans and tomatoes. We would spend about 6 hours at the Farmer's Market in Brownsville selling our vegetables. I miss those days. People ask me if I have beans this year. I don't. I can't do that by myself and Nick is too busy with the mowing business to garden too. Rick always did the garden part, I just sold it. I helped a little in the gardening part but Rick and Nick did the most of that. I almost forgot the watermelons! Rick could grow some great melons! So sweet and juicy! And he loved his cantaloupe! I hate that melon but he loved it. I would be putting up beans and corn today if things were different. :)

It is how it was meant to be. God has a plan and it is up to us to try to accept His plan into our lives. Sometimes it isn't easy. That is part of the test!

I love all y'all!
To be continued......
2 of Gamma's kiddos being silly! Love my babies!
Hebrews 11:1-39 - Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. 

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