Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Life: It's a blessing!

One thing I have learned over the years as a nurse is that all life is precious. Sometime it is sad to see folks lying in their beds in the hospital so sick and no one ever visits. They may smile but they have such a sad look about them. Sometimes I just stand in the room or even sit with them and talk. It seems sometimes that is what they need. Sometimes folks who never chose to marry or maybe married and they are the only one left and they chose to or couldn't have kids and maybe they are an only child so there are no siblings to visit. It is amazing to see how a visit from a loved one helps lift up the spirits of someone lonely. Think about that. Do you know someone in your neighborhood who is lonely? Go see them. When I was growing up, we visited neighbors. We sat on front porches and talked or played in the yard. Go visit! Life is precious!

Last week I saw someone we know. The person has been sick and was visiting family. The person came to the desk before leaving and said: "I just wanted to tell you bye!" That statement made me cry because the person is someone many people love and Rick thought a lot of too and has been very sick. I hope the person meant bye for that visit and not because they thought the end was near. It makes me afraid and sad and I have tried to remember that person in my prayers. I ask you to remember the person too. God knows exactly who I mean.

Enjoy your summer! School will be starting soon! You can't let it go by without enjoying the time! The older I get the more I am amazed by how quickly time passes! 

I love all y'all!
To be continued.....

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