Friday, March 4, 2011

Sweet memories

When you smiled this smile at me one year ago today, I had such hope to bring you home!

I will remember when for both of us. One year ago today I had high hopes of bringing you home. I wanted to. You smiled at me like you had not just spent the last 3 months the way you did. You had such a great day. I will never forget it. No sedation, very awake and to yourself. We sat together and held hands. The ventilator support was the lowest it had been on. I thought we had turned a corner. I did not know that in just over 48 hours from then you would go 'home' by yourself for a while. Some day I will join you. I miss you and I will love you forever.


  1. I too remember this day and thought it was a turning point. Little did any of us know at that point that God had other plans.

  2. Quita, I will never forget you for everything you, Penny and Jayme did for us the short time we spent with you. You all helped make the most difficult time in our lives to date a bit easier to bear. Wanted a much different outcome, but God had other plans! Some day we will know what those plans were and for now, we will just have to get on with our life and never forget.....