Saturday, March 26, 2011


I bleed blue, do you?
So last night was UK's game in the Sweet 16. I have been having a little trouble with my nerves over the past year, can't imagine why! But anyway, UK is doing absolutely NOTHING to help that! I tried to watch the game, as I do every time they play, but for some reason, I can't bear it to watch them. They actually get on my nerves when they mess up. It seems so easy from this side of the floor so to speak. Keep you hands to yourself, get the ball and put it in the hoop. Repeat as many times as possible in 2 fifteen minute half's. Get your position when the opponent has the ball so he fouls you, keep your cool and take it like a man, and win. Yeah, right. UK has never been able to keep their hands to themselves. They are a very forward playing team, they are assertive. I don't want to say agressive, but I guess they are that too. I just want to win. And when I see them in foul trouble, missing free throws, missing 3' know the drill I just want to yell at them to get their act together. These behind by x points then ahead by 2 or 4 points, then behind again takes a toll on the old person's nerves. I just want to win. Period. And to all the haters out there, I am sorry for you. I don't hate your little red birds or whoever else you are for, I just like UK best. UK is THE University of KY. Period. And my blood IS blue!

Rick's blood was blue too. He loved the Cats. He never missed a game. Neither did his dad. They would talk on the phone just before game time. We always had to know when the game would be.
He didn't really watch any other sports, not even the super bowl. Really. He would watch if I wanted to but that was all. I would watch the Titans play football on TV, but he would go get on the computer most of the time.

I had a dream the other morning. It was about Rick and went like this:
I had been somewhere and when I came home, Valarie met me at the door. She was so excited and said "look whose here" and I looked to the red rocking chair and there sat Rick eating a bowl of cereal. He would have a bowl of cereal every night. He was smiling, a little mad at me wanting to know why I let them do that to him and happy to be home.
Then I woke up. I don't believe it could have lasted over a few seconds. I had already been awake and made a pot of coffee that morning and laid back down just to wait for it to brew when I dozed off. It kind of disturbed me at first, then I just thought about it some more. Maybe someone was correct, maybe it was a visit so to speak in my dream and it was to reassure me everything is alright. Maybe. Maybe it was just a dream.

I love y'all.
To be continued.............

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