Sunday, December 12, 2010


Well, it has snowed most of the day. It is blowing and drifting. I think we have about 1.5 to 2 inches of actual snow, but with it blowing and drifting it is trying to block the roads in places. I have to work tomorrow. I really dread the drive in! Rick always drove me after I came back to work in BG. When I had to drive to Nashville, I never missed a shift due to the snow. I stayed there a few times, but mostly I drove it. I need to be home in my own bed. I am not really one to stay somewhere.

Yesterday was Christmas with Rick's Wilson family. We had a good time, I got a Christmas decoration, I always love those! It is a sign with snow men on it. There were a lot of those in different configurations there yesterday. I love them!

I was not smart enough to take pictures though. Ugh! I did get a couple of the babies playing, but none of the tree or the family there. I always take plenty, don't know what happened! Rick's absence was noticed yesterday. It was our first Christmas party of the season. And I always take food, but I messed up yesterday and the potato salad flopped. I would not even feed it to the dog.

There will be a party next Sunday afternoon, but I have to work. I got a call today about it being changed. Actually, I could have gone to the original date, but since they changed it, I can not go unless I get call at work, didn't know about it on either date until I got a call about the change. Oh, well! No big deal. She said, you mean no one has told you? I said nope! I am fine with it. Really. Rick always loved those 2 parties. He made a way to go to each of them. This year it is difficult to be there without him anyway. But I can not just stick my head in the sand (or snow) and forget to live. He would want me to go about my life. I just wish............

I think about selling the house and land and getting a small place in town. Tomorrow morning I may wish I had. I have ties to this place though. It is the place where Rick got saved. Church is here. This community was our home longer than any other place we lived. It was actually ours. (and the banks). But is was our first actual house. Those things are really what keep me here. We will see.

On another note, my cousin Sammy Dale lost his wife this morning in the early hours on this snowy Sunday. She suffered a severe stroke a few weeks ago and died from complications. She had made it to SKY rehab, but had to be readmitted with some kind of infection. I do know she was ready to go, heard her testify to that fact on more than one occasion. I just know how Sam is feeling right now. And the hard part is yet to come. If you are reading this, please remember him and their sons in your prayers. They've a long road ahead.

Remember the reason for the season!

I love y'all..........

To be continued...............

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