Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas past is past........

So Christmas is over for another year. For the first time is several years it is December 28 and my tree is still up! I usually take it down the day after Christmas, this year, I left it up. I will most likely take it down tomorrow......

I did not get call Christmas day. No one did..... I went to work, had a busy day and came home to Nick. Val and the babies were with Brandon for the holiday then they got snowed in for a couple of days. Here they are opening some of their presents. They don't really understand what Christmas is yet. They got bored opening them. Maybe next year they will be more excited. Tobi was more into it than Bubba.

Today I was reacquainted with more old friends from my time at Baptist Hospital in Nashville, (I worked there from January 1991 until July 2004) the "other Myra" and Lisa. Myra and I were charge nurses in our units, then changes happened and our director made us more like critical care supervisors without the title, we made bed assignments for the units, made staffing adjustments for all the critical care areas and still had our respective charge duties in our own units. We carried wireless telephones with direct dial numbers and Rick would call and we answered "this is Myra" and he would have to listen to the voice to know if it was Myra or me!

Then more changes and I became manager of our units then others then changes again.....then I came "home" to Bowling Green. I don't like the management end of things. I prefer taking care of patients and working my shift and going home until the next time I am scheduled.

When a nurse is a manager, the manager is responsible 24/7 365 for every aspect of everything that happens. And you can not control other peoples actions no more than you can control a knot on a log. If some people don't take responsibility for their actions and/or in-actions and don't act in a professional manner, you can't make them and you can't really talk about it and if others notice the actions and behaviors of their co-workers (and believe me they do notice!) and wonder why "you don't do something about it" and you can't really discuss what you do with others because of confidentiality so you just have to let them talk then comes disgruntlement and sarcasm and I can do without all that! When you reprimand someone you can't just go out talking about it! And they shouldn't either! There are a lot of steps going in to letting someone go. It must be clearly documented and approved by HR and many others. It is a painful process for everyone concerned. I had my share! Going through the steps of "letting someone go" was very difficult. I want to see the good in everyone. Just sometimes you have to let go!

Enough of that!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and I hope your new year is the best yet!

I love y'all!

To be continued.........

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