Saturday, April 13, 2013

Redbuds are blooming!

Looking out the kitchen window this morning I saw new redbud trees in bloom and several bluejays playing around them. The sun was just beginning to shine that direction. It was beautiful! The dogwoods have really big buds on them so they will be blooming soon. Hopefully it will warm back up this coming week too.

A new job had become available at work. I have agonized and prayed about it and Thursday I applied a job interest request for it. I don't really want to leave CCU but I really don't want to work 12 hour shifts anymore. I've been doing this 35 years this year. I think I've earned weekends and holidays off by now. I've missed birthdays. I've missed Christmas Days and Christmas Eves and Easters and in 35 years how many church services do you think I've missed?! I knew going in about all that so it was absolutely my choice. All I ever really wanted to do was be a nurse. Now, it's time to consider a new role. I an still torn a little. I can't really afford a pay cut which I've been told might happen if I make the move and I would so very much miss my patients! So, we shall see what the numbers are and the position hasn't even been formally offered so we shall see!

Aspartame free update: I've lost count how long it's been (? 10 weeks) but it's going very well. I get nauseous even thinking about drinking a coke zero. Symptom relief has leveled off and I do feel much much better!

Y'all get out and enjoy this beautiful day!

I love all y'all! ❤
To be continued....

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