Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Beautiful Day

As I sit on my front porch this mid-day, I find I'm becoming distracted by the wind- which is quite brisk at times; but, it's a warm wind. There are many varieties of birds singing. A mockingbird serenaded me a few minutes ago then flew on to other perches tho I can still hear the song in the distance. And there are passing clouds. Sometimes they appear like they will drop a little rain, then they move on.

My heart is heavy for a friend who lost her grandmother. I had no clue about this until last night. The funeral was a few days ago and I didn't know. I worked Friday through Sunday and had no clue. I sent her a Facebook message/apology as soon as I heard. Actually, I didn't hear about it. No one told me. I saw where she posted her grandmas video on FB. I made my apology to her. She was very understanding, knowing the job I have and all. I guess one thing that hurts is when Rick was so sick, they were there for us. I was unable to return the favor. She knows now it wasn't that I didn't care but rather that I didn't know. My heart isn't as understanding as she was. My heart has guilt that I didn't even pray for comfort for them because I didn't know they were in need. Someone would have come in a little early to work for me to have been able to visit with them a few minutes. She forgave me. I guess I need to work on forgiving myself. And in a way it makes me wonder why no one told me. There have been so many things happening around that I had no clue about. This is just another on the list. It's OK though. God knows my heart and its all OK.

One more day off then back to work. I love being a nurse. I get to help people through some of the worst times in their life. Just like people helped me. I believe it was what I was born to do. Come summer, I will be doing this job 35 years. Sometimes that just doesn't seem possible then I do the math. It is.

I love all y'all.❤
To be continued......

The photo is of the building where it all began in August 1977. Glasgow School for Practical Nurses. It has changed over the past 35 years. One of my fellow graduates is the director over BGTC Nursing Program and his daughter is one of the instructors. My niece, Ashley James, is a nursing student there. Full circle? Yep, I think so.

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