Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A better day

Today was quite a bit better than last night. I really feel guilt (my Irish/English heritage-) for even complaining about it. I have so very much to be thankful for. All I have to do is look around and see there is so much bad stuff happening around me that my puny complaints should be nothing. Friends suffering with cancer. Long time almost family dying yesterday from cancer. High school friend lost her husband. Another long time friend lost a daughter in law to be. I should be thanking God that all is as well as it is instead of complaining about things I have no control over. Forgive me for that.

Please keep Lisa and her family in your prayers. And Geneva's family. And the young man who lost his fiancé. He had just worked on Pap's car the day of or the day before she died. Also please remember others who have list lived ones in the past several months and those who are starting over from other reasons. Loss is so difficult. You might say what good can one person do? PRAY! That's what you can do. And if others pray, those prayers be it one or one hundred help give strength to those who are in need. Trust me on that. And if you are a neighbor, when your time if need comes, God will provide a neighbor to pray for you. He will. Rest assured!

I love all y'all.❤
To be continued....

I ❤ my babies!

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