Monday, April 8, 2013

Busy weekend

Just worked a 3 day weekend, pretty tired after 2. Was hoping for a 'peaceful' Sunday. That was a useless hope. It wasn't overwhelmingly busy yesterday. Just busy enough to keep us hopping. I am tired today. Been awake since 5am.

I've had 3 monster cups of coffee this morning. They were so tasty. Love my Keurig! Sitting on the front porch now, enjoying the morning- listening to the birds chirp and watching Miss Luna rest.

Miss Luna was way down in the woods Saturday. She was hurt by something, but she's walking, talking, eating and drinking so hopefully she will be ok! We love Miss Luna. And yes, kitty's do talk to their humans. Don't believe me? Ask someone else who loves their cat!

Y'all have a glorious blessed day!
Love all yall!❤
To be continued.....

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