Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Three years ago today

Three years ago today Rick was moved from the ICU to 619 in the Commonwealth Regional Specialty Hospital after one day shy of 5 weeks in ICU. In just a few days we would share his best day in almost 6 weeks.

The staff on CRSH took excellent care of him. His body just couldn't recover from all the blood clots to his lungs.

I'm ok. Just remembering my husband on one of those anniversary of's.

I ask you to continue to remember Aunt Bonita as she begins this journey of her own. There is no way to describe how it feels to lose your spouse. To look around your home and have a memory of something he did or said or how he sat or stood in a particular spot - sometimes hearing him walk through the house or drop the remote... Dreaming about him- still after almost 3 years. I'm certain the memory of their last few moments and the memory of him falling over and of the resuscitation attempt will be in her mind for quite a while. She may wonder 'what if I had noticed something was wrong' or even 'why didn't I notice' when there likely wasn't anything she could have noticed. Aunt Bonita is a worrier- more so than me!
Please continue to remember her in your prayers. Pray for peace and comfort. You may think one prayer won't make any difference- but it does! She needs your prayers! She was there for us. I want to be there for her!

I love all y'all! ❤
To be continued......

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