Thursday, February 7, 2013

He will be missed

Another good man, neighbor, friend died this week. He and his wife provided child care for many years in this community. When we moved here, we were looking for babysitting. Someone told us to check with them. They kept our kids until they were big enough to stay home alone. While we were building our house we lived in Gary Wilson's house (it was Ricks grandparents house) And just up the road from them. I had to leave for work by 4:30 am back then. Lilly Mae would turn on the porch light when she was ready for them. They went in their pj's and back to bed. She got them ready and sent them to school. They loved and respected them both.

When they were told about Raymond's death, they each cried. Val posted on Facebook about it and about how they helped raise them. When she got saved, she had to stop and tell them on the way home. When we stopped at Kim's yesterday to order our flowers for the service, Nick said how much Raymond meant to him and how he "practically raised" him. It made my heart smile to see the impression he had made on my kids. RIP Raymond Logsdon. You are missed but I know it's all in His plan. You have a better place to go!

I love all y'all! ❤
To be continued.....

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