Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mid January!

I really can't believe it's practically 3 weeks into January. WOW! Time surely flies faster and faster the older I get. I know. In reality it still takes 24 hours to make a day, seven days to make a week etc but doesn't it seem like Christmas was yesterday instead of almost a month ago?!

Had a good three day weekend off. It was our church weekend at Miller Hill. We had good services both days. Saturday night Brother Cecil preached how The Lord sets the table and its ours if we want to pull up to it, it's still there if we don't. OUR choice. And that is so true. God never sent one person to hell. The choice is ours. It's also our choice to serve and work for Him or just sit back and watch. God promised me He would save Tober if I worked for Him on Christmas Eve about midnight when she was 2 1/2 months old sleeping in my arms. I haven't forgotten that promise. I just sat down. I gotta work and pull back up. Do my part. I keep saying that, not doing it. Devil tells me I don't matter, by the time I get back where I need to be, weekends will change again and it will be a while before I get to go back. There is a fifth Sunday in March. March 31- Easter Sunday, a very special day. And my day off, but it switches my weekend again and keeps me from going to Miller Hill. I will then have to wait until there is another fifth Sunday to get to go back. 😔 I love my church. The folks there took us in, treated us like family, and when Rick got sick, they were there any time we needed anything. Still are. It's hard to be there sometimes though. Rick loved Milker Hill so, and I still see him over where he stood and sat. This weekend however, that was easier. Still way too short of breath to try to sing-- not that I can anyway! I surely didn't get the Childress singing gene! And I don't have the strength to stand and sing and if I'm up there, I don't like to sit, so I keep my seat. I was so hoping the breathing thing would get better, but it seems to be a bit worse. I've tried to watch the salt lately, but my legs and feet are very swollen- even now after 2 hours with them up. My shoes are so tight! Hope they go down by morning! If I cross your mind when you pray, remember me. Please and thank you and I will do my best to remember y'all.

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I love all y'all! ❤
To be continued.......

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