Monday, January 14, 2013

January 14

Twenty seven years ago today a ten pound five and one quarter ounce twenty two inch long baby girl was born. She arrived at 4:41 pm by emergency Caesarian section after significantly dropping her heart rate very low a couple times in a short timeframe. I was asleep, being an emergency and no epidural, I had no choice but to have general anesthesia. Epidurals weren't necessarily as routine then as they are now- I wasn't sure I wanted one anyway.

People looking at her in the nursery said: "look at that Sanders baby!" And "she looks two months old already!" And she did, she could pick up her head and turn it side to side while 'gasp' lying on her tummy. Babies laid on their tummies back then.

Happy Birthday Valarie! Being such a big baby, I had been put off work from the end of November. I was on strict bed rest. I knew her first name would be Valarie but I hadn't come up with a middle name. I was watching Dallas re-runs and the episode when JR killed Kristen was on. I thought 'Kristen..... Kristen?! Valarie Kristen!' And so it was. Didn't even have a boys name in the wings... Knew she was a girl from way back when I first found out she was on the way.

I have been told I have an unusual capability for remembering detail. I didn't realize everyone didn't. There are lots of things I remember better than others. I do remember lots about the birth of my children. Now, ordinary everyday days- I might not recall specifics- but something meaningful- I commit it to memory. I only hope some day Alzheimer's doesn't steal it away from me! To my knowledge, no one in my direct blood line has it. None of my grandparents or even great grandparents had it but some of their siblings did. Time will tell I guess.

I will be SO glad to get my computer back! Hopefully by the weekend?! I am not a fan of posting on my blog via my iPhone!

I love all y'all!
To be continued......

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