Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 ends........2012 begins

As we draw close to another year, I have been looking back, thinking on everything that has happened. There have been tears, smiles, laughter, new birth, very scary times, very good times, most spent with people who we love. There are some things I wish I could change and some things I would not change for anything. Thinking back farther, 2 years ago right now the future was so scary. We did not know how we would manage the journey. I can only hope Rick would be happy with a few of my choices. He said from the beginning of his part of that journey that how ever the Lord planned, he would be willing to accept it. He was ready either way. And he was. He faced it with everything he had. We try to move on, but sometimes it is difficult. One foot in front of the other. One step at a time.

2011 has brought a third grandbaby to our house. Now, if 2012 would bring them to their own home.....I love them but it is time for them to be on their own. Mom and babies with Brandon somewhere else......

2011 has also brought Rick's son into our lives. We have not actually met yet, but soon. Schedule conflicts have kept us from meeting thus far. I do know he would be happy we have made contact. I look forward to introducing y'all to this part of the family soon as we get to know them!

Tonight if I am up to it, I am going to my friend's house for a while to celebrate the New Year, of course, I am supposed to work tomorrow so it wont be too late for me tonight. I am not sure how long I can even stay. I have been out of bed all day so far for the first time since Tuesday. I have managed to get a few bites of breakfast and a few bites of lunch down. That is more than I have had since I ate breakfast Tuesday morning. I think that is good!

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Please stay safe out on the roads tonight!
I love all y'all!
To be continued...........
  So Much To Thank Him For

When I look around and see,
the good things, He's done for me,
I know, I'm unworthy of them all.
But His blessings, He freely gives,
I owe my life to Him,
I've got so much to thank Him for.

I've got so much to thank Him for,
so much to praise Him for,
you see, He's been so good to me.
And when I think of all He's done,
and where He's brought me from,
I've got so much to thank Him for.

And each day, while I'm on my way,
I kneel, I just stop to say,
thank you. For all you've done for me.
And some day when I reach heaven's shore,
oh please let me kneel once more,
I've got so much to thank Him for.
repeat chorus

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