Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First post of 2012

So today my friend asked me if I had quit writing. I haven't, I just haven't posted since NYE. Not that I don't have anything to say, just that I have been working and the laptop has been sluggish so I haven't wanted to fight with it and it is much harder to post from the iPhone. I have posted from it a few times, but it is much harder.

Today my baby brother posted a song from The Traveling Wilburys which I played of course, and that made me look up other of their songs which I love. One is "End of the Line" -- I remember the first time I heard them. I was watching VH1 and heard a tune that I liked, looked up and thought "that looks like George Harrison's hands on that guitar." Then they showed the group and it was George. And it was Roy Orbison. And it was Bob Dylan. And it was Tom Petty. And it was Jeff Lynne (from ELO). I was liking what I was hearing. Rick didn't believe me when I told him about them. Then he heard them. One thing we couldn't figure out was who was Jeff Lynne. We couldn't get who he was. Rick's brother in law Kevin helped us with that. They were a great group. First Roy died then George. Ringo did a song or two with them as well -- "I Won't Back Down"

Then there was this song by Linkin Park. I love it-- "In the End" their style of music is not my favorite type of music but this song speaks to me somehow. The music in the opening seconds is a simple piano with some other sound. I think they are a mix between metal and rap/hip hop. It is about a young man who is really trying and gets discouraged but keeps trying. Then he finds that "In the End it doesn't even matter" and how he had to fall and lose it all. I have no idea why I like this song. I just do. You tube it and let me know what you think.

Then there are people around us who need our prayers. My sister-in-law Machelle (Rick's brother Lester's wife) lost her mother yesterday. Lots of y'all know her - Jo Smith. I was able to be with them when things were so critical yesterday. It was so hard. Jo was a good woman and her daughters love her with all they have. I wish I could have done something to help them.

Alvin Childress also passed away yesterday. Please remember that family in your prayers. And there are others from over home who are sick. Please remember them as well.

I think this is about all for the rambling for tonight.
Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.’

I love all y'all!
To be continued.................

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