Monday, December 5, 2011


All I can say is "yesterday was amazing!" Not only did it mark the second anniversary of our finding out that the tumor was a Stage IV (worst, and terminal); a first for me-- a new device to assist the heart was utilized yesterday and I got to be the first in CCU to have one......AND Rick's son from his first marriage found us through an accident! We knew about him, and even looked for him a few months before the tumor was found. Rick worried that his son would hate him. He worried that he wouldn't want to know him. He worried that he would never get to meet him and wondered if he had grandchildren through him. He knew his first wife's husband had adopted the baby at a very young age and raised him as his own. He was OK with that because above all else, he wanted his son to be loved and back then he thought he was too bad of a person to have contact with a baby--that he had no right to have a baby love him. That was from a different time in his life-- a time he regretted and wished he could make right. I digress yet again. A few weeks ago I received a friend request on Facebook. Usually I delete these if I don't know the person AND we have no common friends. For some reason I didn't this time. I left it there. I would go back to it and see if I could figure it out. I couldn't. And I rarely read my AOL email. I was having trouble sleeping Saturday night (early Sunday morning by this time) and decided to look at my email on my phone. That is the great thing about phones these days! Anyway. I was deleting emails from people I didn't know one after the other. Then I got to this one. From someone I don't know but there is that name again. Hummm. Do I have a stalker? No, not me! I passed it by deleting some more but not this one. Then that name haunted me. I opened it. It started by I don't know how to goes.....and he told me his story and how he found us. He said he would understand if I didn't want to have contact. I emailed him back. I told him about how we had looked for him a couple years ago but really didn't have a clue how. We were close but not close enough! I told him we would be happy to meet him. I called Val up and showed her and she is so excited to meet her older brother. She was still awake. I told Nick the next morning. We will meet him in the next few weeks. He doesn't live too far away. And Rick had grandsons. The youngest favors Tober. When I went back to that friend request on Facebook, it was him and I accepted it. Then I sent a message to Beverly and Teresa and they are friends with him too. He actually resembles Teresa's son. Small world sometimes. And the electronic age just keeps bringing people together.

He found us while browsing the Corvette Museum's website. A funeral home ad popped up, he clicked on it and found Rick's obit. I won't mention his name here unless he gives me permission to. They did find my blog as well and he and his wife read it. They have gotten to "know us" by the info on the blog. He is retired from firefighting and is still a volunteer fire fighter AND he gardens......

In the meantime, y'all keep remembering the reason for the upcoming season. 19 days until Santa comes, 20 days until the birthday of the One who makes all things possible!

I love all y'all!
Remember us in your prayers!
To be continued..................

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