Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Time to go back to work

Star garland and a pillow for my birthday from my friend Sandy

My 4 day weekend is over! I go back to work tomorrow, but I have to say I have had 4 good days. My birthday was Saturday. I was overwhelmed by all the "happy birthdays" I received on facebook! I received nice gifts from friends/family. Had 2 birthday cakes! Mom made a chocolate one and had Beth Miller make a chocolate one! They were both good! Sunday was spent at Good Springs for the annual service, Monday was spent taking it easy. Today I did some laundry and still have a zillion dishes to do. But that is what dishwashers are for! Back to the grindstone tomorrow!

My cake mom had Beth to make

My orientee is set free now too. She is ready to fly. It is difficult as a preceptor sometimes to let go. But I will. I know she is ready to fly, she does a really good job. She could take care of my family without hesitation.

My friend Jennifer remains in need of your prayers. She needs a lung transplant to live. She is in serious to critical condition at UK Medical Center tonight. Jennifer is like a daughter to me. If I didn't have to work tomorrow I would go there tonight. Lupus attacks different organs with different people. It has attacked her lungs and she has what is called pulmonary hypertension. That means the low pressure side of her heart has to pump harder to get the blood to her lungs to get the oxygen to her body. A lung transplant would remove the pulmonary hypertension from her body. Then her heart would be ok. Being an organ recipient is a difficult thing in some cases. If you receive a heart or lungs, the donor has to be brain dead for you to get their organs. That would be a difficult decision I believe. I have never really thought too much about being a donor. I really don't know how I feel about it, but I do know if someone somewhere who matches Jennifer doesn't donate their lungs, she will not live too many more months. And that would be sad. She and Chad have a beautiful little almost 4 year old girl named Aubrey. She is as precious as her mom. I met Jennifer in August of 2004 when I came back to Bowling Green to work. She was one of the first people I met at night. We hit it off and bonded quickly. Pam, Jennifer and I all came to day shift within a few months of each other. We are like family. And it hurts when someone you love is so critically ill. She is almost like a daughter to me.

Psalm 40:5
Many, O LORD my God, [are] thy wonderful works [which] thou hast done, and thy thoughts [which are] to us-ward: they cannot be reckoned up in order unto thee: [if] I would declare and speak [of them], they are more than can be numbered.

I love y'all.
To be continued...........

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