Monday, April 6, 2015


Yesterday was Easter. A holiday. The meaning of the day is beyond words. We had a family dinner at my moms yesterday. I fixed a tenderloin and fried chicken legs and that strawberry cake I made the other day. Mom had ham and chicken livers. Then there were the sides. More than you can shake a stick at and after everyone was stuffed, there was enough food left to feed that many more twice and then some. It was really good. And it was a good day.
fried chicken legs
port tenderloin
My grandbabies, great nephews and Mykael's little boy (Nick's girlfriend) were all there too. Brayden was a little shy yesterday but by the time it was time to go, he was right in there. I left my phone home and did not get to take any pictures. My niece Heather and her son Jonas were there too. Jonas is a little older than the other kids, he was worn out from the kids wanting him to play with them.

Perry Valarie Olivia and October
Miss Livvy (Olivia Rhea)


Thomas and Nolan
It was a great day! I was worn out! I didn't get to sleep Saturday night until about 1 am Sunday morning, back up about 5 or 5:20 to put the tenderloin on. Then I went to Nana's for the usual Sunday morning breakfast the home to fry the chicken legs then back to Nana's before noon. Busy morning! I got home about four pm, decided I was exhausted, finished cleaning up the kitchen and turned the TV to something I wanted to watch and I was out like a light. I woke about nine pm and was back asleep by eleven pm and woke around five am and thought I heard someone knocking on my door about that time. I got up with my shotgun, but saw nothing. Must have been a dream. Where I live, if you come to my house, you are very, very lost or you meant to be there. No other choice and who would be here at five in the morning?!

I love all y'all!❤️
To  be continued.........

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