Friday, April 10, 2015

Sibling Day

So today is sibling day. I have 3 of them. Brothers. All younger. No idea who invented this "celebration" but I found a picture or two of us.
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Greg is almost 13 months younger than me. He was about 3-4 weeks early. I didn't want him. The neighbors came to see why they could hear me screaming when they brought him home. I guess I got used to him then 18 months later Bruce came along. I called him a little rat. Then 23 months after that Doug was born. No sisters for me. I do have a few cousins though. 
Myra Bruce Greg and Doug
Bruce and Doug
Bruce Myra Greg and I am holding Doug
Greg and Me with Pap - must have been 3 days before Bruce arrived, judging by our ages
Wow. Precious memories! Did I tell you the one about Greg and I telling Bruce he was deaf? Poor brother. He believed us. He cried and screamed for Momma. She came running. Screaming, he told her he was deaf. She told him to hush up and listen. "you can hear me, can't you?" Sniffling, he nodded yes. She said, "then you're not deaf. Deaf means you can't hear and you can hear me just fine"
We won't go into details what happened next. 

So, though the day is almost done, Happy Siblings Day to my brothers.

I love all y'all❤️
To be continued..........

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