Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Season

This is the Easter Season! I love Easter and what it stands for! I love Christmas and what it stands for. I celebrate both every year in my own way. Easter is so much more than bunnies and eggs, chicks and candy...... It is about the death and Resurrection of the One who came to die for our sins that we might be forgiven and have eternal life. Today is Good Friday. It is a sad day in many ways, Centuries ago, our Lord was found praying in the garden of Gethsemane, having been betrayed by one of His own. He was led away to be tried and convicted, and sentenced to death by crucifixion on the cross. He was scourged (look that up, it is so much more intense than flogged or whipped) and made to carry His own cross to the place of the skull also known as Golgotha,  He was nailed to the cross and mocked while his disciples and family looked on. He was placed between two thieves and one of those thieves is in Heaven with Him now. Remember, He told Him that that very evening they would be in Paradise. Luke 23:43 All these things happened on Good Friday. Then He died. He was taken down from the cross and placed in a tomb. 
And on Sunday, the Third Day, (Friday being the First Day) He Rose! And fulfilled scripture and made a way for the plan of salvation. Please, celebrate Easter! Let the Easter Bunny come to your children BUT teach them the real reason we celebrate! They need to know the reason for the season, just like they need to know we celebrate Christmas to commemorate the Birth of our Lord. 

Some fear this Easter. There is to be a full moon on Saturday. It is called the Paschal Moon and it is the moon of the Passover. It is the first full moon after the vernal equinox and it marks the beginning of the Easter Season. But it does more than that, it also has to do with the Passover and I can not explain that here. This Saturday, the Full Moon is also expected to eclipse briefly and be a blood moon. Some seem to think it is a sign of the coming of the Lord. It may well be, but He said not even the angels in Heaven know when that day shall be. I am not afraid. I am ready to go if the time should end. 
Image result for full moon april 2015
Brief eclipse Saturday morning just prior to sunrise should look something like this. Photo from Google images and

Who knows when that time will be! So, it pays to always be ready! I hope each of you have a blessed Holiday Season! Happy Easter!

I love all y'all!❤️
To be continued........

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