Saturday, April 11, 2015

I love spring!

It is no secret I love spring. I love the redbuds and dogwoods. They are so beautiful. And I get to see them every time I look outside. I also get to see hummingbirds. I love my birds. They are so delicate and awe-inspiring and peaceful little creatures. They remind me of angels. No idea why or how, they just do. 

Ah, spring! There is so much green going on after that winter we had! I am very happy the days are getting longer. Time has changed, I like it better after I get used to it. Still have a couple more cold spells to get through before it is warm all the time. Today has been beautiful, it did start out in the lower 40's though. My dogwood trees really bloomed out behind the house, the ones in front are still not showing their blooms yet though. And we had hummingbirds a few days early this year. Usually it is a week or so later before we see the first one. I have seen 2. Yay me! Actually, is it the same bird twice or 2 different birds. I haven't been able to tell yet. But, I am very happy they are back! In just about 3 weeks or so, they will be nesting and we won't see them much then they will be in full force through October. 

202 days until Halloween

228 days until Thanksgiving
257 days until Christmas

I guess this is all for now. 

I love all y'all❤️
To be continued..........

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