Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Old friends!

So yesterday while I was doing some internet "stuff" a friend and neighbor messaged me on Facebook. Seems she was in a mood to become an investigator. We have both been looking for a mutual old friend for some time now. Way back in 1978 (November to be exact) I moved out from my parents house and in with a co-worker who needed a new roommate because her current one was getting married if memory serves correctly. I was working 11 pm to 7 am and driving about an hour. I was getting so very tired driving home in the mornings that it was getting dangerous so Thanksgiving after lunch at my grandparents, my parents let me borrow their station wagon and move my bed to the new place. It was a 3 bedroom trailer in Shive Lane Estates. An older friend's mom said "She will be back in a week!" That will be 35 years this coming Thanksgiving and I haven't moved back home yet; though I have thought about it from time to time HA!

I digress-again! So, Deborah and I were there in that trailer both working nights. I was having a hard time sleeping in the day time. She didn't so I stayed in my room and tried instead of getting up. I never did learn to sleep in the day time. Anyway, in a few months Carol joined us from New Jersey. Did I mention Deb is from New York? So here we were the 3 of us. My first time out on "my own" and it was kind of hard for me. I did get homesick sometimes. I realize that now. In the spring, we moved to a new apartment at Knox Manor. When our lease was up there, Carol took a single bedroom there and Deb and I moved to Kenton Street. I was working 3-11 by then and at WKU full time. Deb's boyfriend and I moved all our stuff to the new place. By this time Deb was working for an orthodontist in Bowling Green, she and her boyfriend were getting serious. When our lease was up, I moved in with a childhood friend, Deb moved in with church friends and married shortly after that. Though we were all in the same town, we didn't see much of each other after we moved out. After Val was born and before I moved to Massachusetts, Deb came over with her son and we had a great visit. I think that was the last time I saw her. I have seen Carol, she became my roommate again prior to Rick and I marrying. After we moved back to Wingfield, we contacted Carol. She came up and spent the weekend with us. We haven't seen her since. I learned that we had all 3 suffered great loss since we saw each other last. Carol's husband passed away in 2005 I believe from cancer. Deborah's daughter passed away in August of 2008. She was just a few weeks older than Nick. Deb never met Rick. Carol was still my roommate when Rick and I married. 
I hope one day before too long, the three of us can get together and have hamburgers and baked beans. Ah! Memories! Deborah could make some killer spaghetti sauce! Yum! It was great!

So back to the friend/neighbor who also knows Carol... her husband used to sing with Carol back in the 80's. They had a contemporary Christian group. They were great! It was so great "talking" with them last night over facebook! Very, very pleasant surprise!

That is all for today.
I love all y'all
To be continued.....
No one has greater love [no one has shown stronger affection] than to lay down (give up) his own life for his friends. John 15: 13

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