Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's been a good day

I've had a good day. Seeing different pictures of folks garden bounty has brought back many, many memories of days in the garden with Rick. I still miss him like it was yesterday. This is our fourth summer without him. Didn't get any calls about garden stuff for the first time this year. But mom did and folks who saw her with me at the farmers market see her and ask about beans. Our 'regulars' tell me how much they miss Ricks half runners. I have 2 cans left. I don't know if I can open them or not. 
I've used this picture of him a lot. I dreamed about him last night. My contract I'd almost up with AT & T for my cell phone. I have considered changing to Bluegrass because its a lot cheaper. But I still have Ricks cell on and I still call it sometimes to hear his voice. I don't know how long I will keep it on. I may never turn it off. I just don't know. He would be so excited because his girl is starting preschool this year.
They were 2 peas in a pod! He sang T-T-T Tobers to her all the time. She said T-T-T before she said mama. 

But I'm not upset tonight. He always said he would never make it past 65.  He was a good man with a dreadful cancer. One day maybe a cure will be found. Yes, I miss him and yes if I could have him back healthy I would in a second but not to suffer! He did enough of that. I would not keep him here one more second to suffer like he did for 6 weeks. Tobi knows who her papaw is when she sees him in pictures. She knows he's in heaven. I don't know how much she understands that though. She's Gamma's girl for sure though. 

It's been a great day in other ways too. As I posted earlier in another blog, my changes are going well. I walked again tonight. My hip bones/joints hurt like the dickens when I walk. Cardiologist took my Mobic away (arthritis med) I might have to talk about that some. Gotta have something to help the arthritis! Tylenol just won't cut it! 

Please remember several folks in your prayers! I have a cousin who got bad news (cancer) this week; friends have sick family who need prayer; those involved in the accident Saturday night- those in the wreck and those who tried to help all need our prayers; also Facebook friends whom I've never met have sick loved ones who need our prayers. I have other friends who needs our prayers. God knows why and who!! I need your prayers!! 

I love all y'all!❤
Have a blessed night!
To be continued!

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