Friday, February 11, 2011

It has been a few days

I really didn't realize it had been this long since the last post. It has been hectic around here what with all the snow, vehicles needing repair and the scare with the new baby, who may be named Olivia Grace or Olivia Rhea instead of Evelyn. We shall see. I still vote for Olivia Grace! I think that name just sounds so sweet. Val said "Olivia is a pig" from some childrens show. I think of Momma Walton when I think of Olivia. And she was one sweet lady. I also picture sweetness and a dainty little girl, not a tom-boy at all. Maybe a bit more reserved? Maybe more like Gamma than Mommy? HAHA.

My car had to go to the car hospital twice within a week! It had a water leak, which was first thought to be the holding tank. Later, it was diagnosed with a fractured radiator which had to be replaced. We had an excellent surgeon though and it came through without too much stress. Only without the car for 3 days. The bad part is that Nick's truck is out of commission and in a different "hospital" until ?Monday! Whew! Repairs one after the other! I hope our turn is over!

Also, both our phones have been acting up. Mine (I hope) was fixed by changing the SIM card. Nick's has had a couple of those and was still acting up. They are only a couple of weeks old. We had to go to Green Hills Mall south of Nashville on Hillsboro Road today to the Apple store to have his phone replaced. I do not advise going there if you are like us. They are too snooty there. We were definitely too country for that mall! But the folks at the Apple store were so nice, we did not have an appointment, apparently you have to to be seen, and they took him in within about a half hour and replaced his phone without too much hype. Hopefully that will fix his problem! I sure hope so!

We had lunch at Rivergate in their food court. More like us than Green Hills! The food was pretty good there. YAY!

Monday will be St. Valentines Day. It will be our first without Rick. I miss him. I miss him every morning when I wake up, I miss him every night when I go to sleep. I miss him not calling me during my work day. I miss getting a heart shaped box of chocolate that I don't like anything in the box, but pretending I do so he can eat them all. It IS the thought that counts, after all. We are getting very close to the time when it will be one year since he died. And 4 days ago was the 12th anniversary of our home burning. WOW! In ways I can't believe it has been that long and in ways it feels like it was longer. I surely hope that whatever else God has in store for us, we can face as a family with the love and support of our friends and family who have been so there for us through a lot already. I only hope that when our friends and family have to face issues of their own, that we will recognize it and be there for them as they have been for us.

Love y'all!

To be continued...........

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