Monday, August 16, 2010

Lincoln Elementary School Volley ball, cheerleading!

I went to elementary school at Lincoln, it was closed a couple of years after I left there. The kids from the Lincoln community go to Kyrock. Over the weekend, a friend from Lincoln got in touch with a former teacher of ours from our days at LES. I sent her a friend request and she accepted. It was really good to hear from her. She was a great teacher. I am not just saying that because she may read this either! LOL! Her brother worked at Mammoth Cave National Park. I can not remember if her husband did or not, I would guess he was a ranger, if you read this and are from that area, you would know her brother's name. Anyway, when she came to be our teacher, we could not pronounce her last name so we called her Mrs. Beth. Now, what is so difficult about pronouncing Vaccaro? Just ask a 6th or 7th grader! Up to the point of Mrs. Beth being our teacher we had never really met teachers from outside KY.....and rarely from outside Edmonson County! She brought in a bit of new "culture" to us. She wanted us to learn and she cared about us and it was evident. As children, sometimes we do not appreciate what we have until we get "old". I told her I appreciated her as a teacher -- something I wish I'd done way back then. I remember once when she wanted us to learn some words in a couple of different languages. I never caught on! Couldn't roll those "R's" like she could!

I also remember our whole class becoming upset when in the 6th or 7th grade after we were settled in we had to change classrooms to a different teacher. I don't remember the reasons they gave us for that though. Anyway. I loved school way back then! Had all "A's" in eighth grade! Boy though that changed in high school. Anyway.

Wonder how many of you believe I was a cheerleader in 7th and 8th grades? Well I was! And it was fun and I still have my uniform! My aunt Pauline made them. They were navy jumpers with white blouses and a big gold "T" for Tigers on the front. PomPoms were navy and white. Fun times. Mr. Vincent had a beetle bug car and he drove all of the cheerleaders to his house in it and to the game at tournament time. We'd all be in trouble for that if it was today.........his wife wanted us to come there can't remember the reason. Wonder what ever happened to them???

I also remember all the volley ball games at 12 o'clock break and if they were really good games they would last well into time for buses! Great times!

I guess that is enough remembering for one night. Good night, I love you all.

To be continued.................

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