Thursday, September 30, 2010

September is finally over!

Well it will be over in 3.5 more hours anyway. September has good points, Nick's birthday for one. But it also has bad memories as well. Five years ago this month one of Nick's best friends was killed less than one mile from here, and just across the road from his home. This year, this same young man's great grandmother had a serious stroke and is currently in a nursing home. And just a few days ago this same young man's great uncle passed away. All of these folks are neighbors within a mile of my home. Until 5 years ago September was one of my favorite months. I love fall, and I love the cool nights and warm days of the end of September. I noticed in the next few days it may get down into the 30's. We may need heat soon! In just a month, we will change time again and the poor night shift folks will be there 13 hours! I wish the powers that be would just leave time alone!

Tonight when I got home I was met at the car with little arms reaching up going "Mammawwww" in her soft southern drawl. Hearing that just warms my heart! She was looking for the moon which hasn't risen yet I think, and saying it was "hiding" behind the clouds. Of course, her mommy was out there with her. Then she saw Bandit. He will not let her touch him. I don't know why, but he has never had anything to do with her and Tober loves him so much! I think he was jealous of her with Rick. Bandit was Rick's dog. Rick shared everything he was eating with Bandit. He still looks around for him. The fall decorations were looking good when I pulled in too. I love this time of year. Wait, I think I just said that.

I am watching Everafter. This is an excellent movie. I liked it the first time I saw it. And I can watch it every time it comes on. I bought the movie as well, so I can watch it anytime I guess!

I think this is all for tonight. Here is hoping y'all have a great night! Love y'all!

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