Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Must be ok

Still haven't heard from the Holter Monitor I wore for 24 hours. Saw Dr Lin over the weekend. He said if the techs had seen anything they would have called him. So that's good. Still very tired and short of breath. I stayed home tonight instead of going to prayer meeting. I just don't feel good. I will be going to work the next 2 days if I have the energy. I won't be able to go to cardiac rehab. After checking it out, I can't do it. It costs too much out of pocket and I can't be there half the time so I'm not going. Dr Lin will have to understand. I've had quite a bit if fluttering in my chest today but no tightness. I'm about to just give up on feeling better. It's discouraging. 

We have dinner after church Sunday. I was planning to take meatloaf and a cake but I'm not sure I'm going to feel like going. I don't like feeling like this. 

And there's so much more I want to say but I won't. 

I love all y'all 
To be continued......

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