Wednesday, July 11, 2012

family! Generations!

William "Billy" Stice, my great great grandfather
I know he had two children, Carter Stice and Ma Bird - Peachie Stice Bird. Carter had children one was Holland who was the father of a brother-in-law, Kevin Stice. His children are Rick's nephew and niece, Jeremy and Andrea Stice. Andrea has a son, Tristen.

My mom Aleen Childress James and my dad Farrell James
My parents had 4 children, I am oldest, (I have Valarie who has October Rose, Perry Dale, Jr & Olivia Rhea; and Nicholas) Greg (has Jeffrey Ryan James who has Thomas and Nolan James); Bruce James (who has Jessie Owen James); and Doug James (who has Heather James-Miller (who has Jonas Ian Miller, Jr), Jessica James (b. & d. August 12, 1984), Brittany James and Jacob James).

My dad's mother, my grandmother Lettie Bird James, daughter of Peachie and Norman Bird
Mammaw married Carl George James and they had four children: Hoyt and Howard were twins and died at birth, my dad Fletcher Farrell James (don't dare call him Fletcher) and Jimmie Lee James.  My Papaw James died in 1981 and my Mammaw James died in 1994. Both died in the ICU at the Medical Center. It was difficult when Rick was in ICU both times, the first time many years ago he almost died from a bowel obstruction and was in the room Mammaw died in. The last time when he spent 5 weeks in ICU on the ventilator it was the same room Papaw James spent many days on a vent and died in that very room. I really don't like to work ICU for obvious reasons. I love those folks but I have horrible memories as a family member in that unit.

My mom's mom, my grandmother Melinda "Lindy" Pierce Childrss
Mammaw Melinda (Linda or Lindy) Pierce Childress married Lawrence Lee Childress and there were 12 children, 4 girls 8 boys. I will try to list in order: Rosie Harrison (4 children Mary Frances Ashley, Roy Albert McDougal, Wayne McDougal, Joan Harrison Smith Skaggs), Georgie Childress (5 children Elsie Taylor, Christine Childress Brooks, Rita Fay Taylor, Jenean Childress Hampton &; Georgie Lyle Childress), Valaria Sue Childress Jeffries (1 child Anna Jill Schultz),  Howard Childress (11 children Larry Wayne Childress, Sammy Dale Childress, Freddie Childress, Clarence Lee Childress Linda Childress Thompson, William Edward Childress, Charles Ray Childress, Barbara Jo Childress , Bill Keith Childress, Susan Meredith, and Walt Jay Childress),  Lelan Childress (4 children Pauletta Childress Sanders, Ronnie Dale Childress, Randal Gene Childress and Mark Robbin Childress), Owen Childress(2 children Sherry Childress Stone and Connie Denise Childress Mahaney), Pauline Childress Sanders (3 children Sandra Sue Sanders Pennycuff, Jerry Ray Sanders and Terry K. Sanders), Floyd Childress (3 children Roger Childress, Garry Childress and Glen Childress), Wade Childress (2 children Keith Childress and Danita Childress ________), Kenneth Childress (3 children Kim Childress Ashley, Melanie Childress Vincent and Erin Childress), Aleen Childress James (4 children my brothers and I previously named) and David Elmo Childress (2 children David E. Childress, Jr - Davy and Scott Childress)

Valaria, Howard, Rosie and Georgie are already gone on. They are missed. Georgie could tell you some stories from when they were growing up. Some are on tape.

Georgie's older children are my mom's age and their children are my mom's children's ages. I had a difficult time figuring out how my cousin Vickie called my mom "Aunt Aleen" and her mom Elsie wasn't my aunt too. She was my first cousin, one of Georgie's girls.  I finally got it. HaHa.

My great grandparents, Mammaw Lettie's parents Peachie Stice Bird and Norman Bird
Ma and Pa Bird had six children. They were: Aunt Nellie Bird Cook (children: Rumsey, Dorothy, Marvin, Leo & Alvin), Uncle Lennie Bird (1 son Garland and 1 son Victor died very young ), Lettie Bird James (Mammaw 4 children 2 living) then when Mammaw was about 13 Aunt Norma Lee Bird Davis (2 daughters Linda Davis Allen and Jo Ann Davis Collins, Andrew Bird (1 son David Bird) and Mary Bird Bowles (2 children John David Bowles and Nancy Bowles Withers). Aunt Mary is still living and in fairly good health.

My mom's dad, my grandfather Lawrence Childress
Papaw Childress was a quiet man. He loved to watch wrestling. He thought it was real! He died when I was in the second grade. I will never forget when mom got that call. I was so scared! Had no clue what was going on and my dad was at work and there was no one there for her. We were little and had no clue what was going on.

Some of my aunts and uncles, mom's brothers and sisters. Rosie is not pictured, she is the oldest. 
My Valarie is named after my Aunt Valaria. She always wanted us to call her Aunt Sue or Suzie.

At the sides of this blog are pictures of my children and grandchildren and me. So, on my dad's side it goes from my great great grandfather to my grandchildren. That is a lot of generations! Great Great Grandpa Billy, Ma Bird, Mammaw, Pap, Me, Valarie and her children -- seven generations of one branch of my family. Makes me wanna cry a little. I think it is wonderful to know where and who we came from. I have a wish to learn everything I can learn about my family and I really, really wish I had more information! Maybe someday I will go after it! 
Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Matt. 5:3 KJV
I love all y'all!
To be continued..........

*some of the photos are from personal photos, others are from "1825-1998 Pictorial History Edmonson County" those are photos of book pages.......


  1. That is awesome that you have those pictures and the stories to go along with them. Something definitely worth passing along to the younger generation. I think it is important to know from where our family comes and to know the path that brought them to those destinations.

  2. Thanks! I hope a cousin (who has a lot of the genealogy) can give me more!