Saturday, January 16, 2016

Its a new year

So today I realized its been months since I wrote anything. So much has happened.  Its a whirlwind sometimes. My grandbabies are not babies. The two older ones are in school. Hearing October read is amazing. Perry hasn't read for me. He gets embarrassed when I ask. He is still my boy. Miss Livvy is four now. She will be in school before we know it.

I am having a very hard time right now. All I want to do is cry sometimes. Like right now. Im home alone watching football with tears streaming and these words are blurred from the tears. My oldest turned 30 two days ago.  How can that be. Then I realize in 4.5 months I will be 57. Really? 57! That means in 2 months my mom will be 77.  Im blessed to still have both parents. And blessed they're as healthy as they are! We received news this week a close family member has throat cancer. We do not know specifics yet and Im not at liberty to disclose who yet. But prayers for easy treatment and a cure are highly requested.  God does know who and the outcome. I pray its His will for a cure. And though I haven't been to church in quite a while, I do still pray several times a day, I can still hear that small, still voice saying "trust Me!" and I still do!

I love all y'all!
To be continued.....

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