Thursday, October 10, 2013


This is my Papaw Childress. Not too many years after this photo, he died. I was in second grade. I will never forget the morning my momma got the call that her dad was found dead. He'd recently suffered a big heart attack that he wasn't supposed to survive. But he did. I can't tell you how long he survived after he came home- it was so long ago and I was so young. I will never forget my moms screams. The boy in the picture with him is my cousin Davy. He is about a year and a half younger than me. 

I have vague memories of him. I remember going to the barn with him he was stripping tobacco. I touched it. He told me not to put my fingers in my mouth. Of course, I did. Yuk. Haven't forgotten that either! I had very poor eyesight back then. I can't remember much visually. But he was my papaw. I remember I loved him. I was the first grandchild in a long time who lived close by - and I was his baby girls first baby. There were several grand babies after me. And great-grand babies. :)

I look at this picture- I see my brothers in some way in this face. I see my mom. I see Uncle Howard. I see his kids. I see Jerry. Aunt Pauline. I see many others in this face. On Sunday at Bee Spring park I will get to see many people who have this mans blood flowing in their veins. Childress Family Reunion is happening! It's been so long! I cannot wait!! 

See y'all later!
I love all y'all!❤️
To be continued.....

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