Sunday, October 13, 2013

Childress Family Reunion

Today the descendants of Lawrence and Linda (Lindy) Childress and cousins came together at the Bee Spring Park. It was a good day! Of course, for various reasons many weren't there but it was a great turnout! Aunt Pauline is in the hospital not feeling well. She and her family weren't able to attend and they were missed! 
Standing from left: my mom Aleen, Elmo, Kennith, sitting from left: Owen, Lelan, and Floyd. Absent: Pauline. Deceased: Rosie, Georgie, Howard, Valaria, and Kelly Wade. 
From left standing: Mom (Aleen), Williwdean (Georgie's widow), Kathy (Owen's wife), Vernice (Elmo's wife), Elmo, Thelma Jean (Lelan's wife), Chris (Floyd's wife) and Kennith. (Nina Ken's wife had already gone home). Sitting: Pap (Farrell, my dad), Owen, Lelan, and Floyd. 

Part of the grandchildren! I'm not even going to try! Well I might try some....
Sitting front: Wayne MCDougal (Rosie's), Ronnie Childress (Lelan), Pauletta (Lelan), Jiggy -Barbara Jo (Howard), Denise (Owen), Scott (Elmo), me (Aleen), Greg (Aleen), Sherry (Owen), Kim (Ken), Jenean (Georgie), Rita and Chris (Georgie), white shirt with her back to camera Snip - Susan (Howard), Danita (Wade), Melanie (Ken), Georgie Lyle (Georgie), Garry (Floyd), Mark (Lelan).... I might have managed that! 
Roger (Floyd's oldest) had already left when we made pictures.
Great grandchildren. I'm not going there except sitting first is my Val. Beside her and behind her are Melanie's girls - Ken's grandchildren. Amanda - Garry's daughter Floyd's granddaughter is in stripe shirt back row. Tallest in back is Paulettas son Kerry, Lelan's grandson. Last in back is Ryan, Ronnie's son, Lelan's grandson. I think next to Amanda is her brother Jason. I think. Unsure of the others :(  Jeffrey (Greg's son) and Heather (Doug's daughter) had already left.

Great great grandchildren! Sitting: Perry and October (my grandchildren) Amanda's kiddos (Garry's grandchildren),
Charlotte standing at left Denise's granddaughter, next 3 unsure, last 2 are Kerry's children (Paulettas grandchildren).

My pies didn't last long. Chocolate and lemon. Nolan kept asking for more cake and for me to feed him mine! 
Lemon pie

Chocolate pie! Nolan's favorite! 

Jeffrey and Ashley had to leave before picture time as did Heather and Jonas. Heather and Jeffrey would be great grandchildren; Thomas Nolan and Jonas would be great-great grandchildren. 

I'm certain with this much content there will be typos and grammar boo-boos so you'll need to excuse that! I will fix what I find! 

It was a great day and we were blessed with a great turnout, great food, great company, great visits with family! Hope we get to do it again sometime! Update on Aunt Pauline: she has a large gastric ulcer. No other details are available at this time!

I love all y'all! ❤️
To be continued......

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